Frieda Lin

I enjoy helping people look and feel great from the inside out! Born, raised and educated in Taiwan, I moved to the US to further my education and started my career and family here. I pride myself of having the strong Chinese heritage combine with the generous & open spirit of America to be my living principal. With my 30 years’ experience as a clinical dietitian and 24 years as a skin care specialist, I have successfully assisted my clients achieve beautiful & youthful skin.

My professional career started with educating people of proper nutrition, then for attaining healthy and beautiful skin. A wellness consultant, I may claim😊

If you are health conscious, wanting clean, safe and effective anti-aging skin care for your skin, I have the answer for you! I represent TruAura, a Microbiome-friendly, Probiotics based, anti-aging skin care line. Our products are made with safe and healthy, clinically-proven, high-quality ingredients that protect our unique skin microbiome (skin flora), nourish our skin, much in the same way that a healthy diet nourishes our body. And our Clean TrūColor Pigments with nourishing skincare ingredients that enhance the benefits of your core routine. Beauty and healthy at the same time!

*Skin wellness workshop for groups, associations, corporate-lunch & lean, residents’ social activities
*Corporate Work Spa, where I bring relaxing spa experiences to work places for employee appreciation and team building
*Fun Girls night out spa
*Bridal showers
*Gift baskets

About Tru Aura